Gray’s International College .
Application for Admission to JSS1 – SS2 in 2019/20 Academic Session.
General Information:
1) Gray’s International College has two Campuses – Kaduna and Ede (Osun state).Applicants are free to choose any of the preferred campus
2) Both Schools have boarding facilities
3) Application and Submission of completed form can be online or in any of the campuses
4) The First Entrance Exams will take place on 4th May,2019 in both campuses and other accredited centres
5) please visit our website……………….
to purchase your form.
6) For further enquiries, please call the following numbers: 
08067879505(Kaduna), 08023760206(Kaduna), 08063098566(Osun), 090522898755 (Lagos)