Excerpts from a Valedictory Speech

By Former Head Girl – Comfort Oni

It’s unbelievable! Six years have come and gone. It was fun but definitely not without trails. I’m so glad to have started right from JSS 1 and now I am graduating. Who would have ever imagined that today would come to reality.

I resumed at Gray’s on September 14th, 1998. When my parents left, I felt homesick. Soon enough after the orientation of all students, I was introduced to Mummy and Daddy of the school and was told that they would be around for me. I made new friends during the orientation and adjusted to my new environment. One thing I had to get use to just like everybody else was waking up by 5.00 a.m. every blessed morning. It wasn’t funny at all, dragging myself for devotion every morning but it was for my own good and I soon became used to it.

Life through junior high was exciting and challenging. There were many times I felt homesick and started crying but whenever I looked up and saw “the white house” I felt better because I knew I had Mummy and Daddy of the school there who would always encourage me and make me happy again. I always had my friends around me to keep me company.

My teachers have been wonderful, always there for me. Whenever I had problems in understanding a topic under a particular subject, they were always there to put me through. They took me as their own and counselled me when I needed it, not to mention the quality of education they impacted in me. What more could I ask for?

At this point, I can say I’ve been exposed to experiences in this great and unique College and I’m glad to have been part of it. I thank God for the years I’ve spent here and I’ll be ever confident and proud to say that I’m an alumna of this great College and will remain a member of Gray’s family forever.

Finally, a day like this has come and I have to say “To God be the Glory”.