Extra-Curricula Activities

Campus life at Gray’s College is an exciting one. The serene environment and vast expanse of land coupled with the tranquillity of the surrounding makes it the perfect setting for a myriad of social/community activities which occur on the College grounds. The sports complex provides the best avenue for sporting activities (see above).

The College can also boast of a health, fitness and relaxation centre with all the latest keep fit gadgets and equipment on the market. Indoor games are also available at the relaxation centre (Pool tables, chess, draft, scrabbles etc.) Numerous clubs and societies also exist on campus which both juniors and seniors can participate in. These include; the debating society, JETS club, home makers club, needle work club and press club. The College also has an in-house radio station (11.28FM) aimed at nurturing the creative talents amongst the children.

In addition, Saturday nights on campus are also packed with social events. On occasion, students organize fun fair activities such as Suya nights, treasure hunts, drama/acting activities, films/documentary shows and concerts with the help of the College social prefects. From time to time students from other institutions are also invited to our College to interact with our students in the bid to exchange knowledge and foster greater relations between ourselves and other players in the educational arena. Occasionally, students are also afforded the chance to go on educational excursion to various locations around the country.