Grays Voluntary Service Program

College Initiatives & Innovations

The College requires all students to take part in the Voluntary Service Programme (V. S. P.); A programme which is essentially a College initiative which requires every graduating student to take part in a community service within and outside the College grounds for a minimum of 50 hours throughout the academic session.

The aims and objectives of the scheme are as follows:

  • To help mould our students into responsible and conscientious citizens
  • To appreciate the concept of dignity in labour
  • To contribute towards the development and advancement of the College and surround community
  • To help prepare the students for the challenges outside the campus life likewise to provide an insight into the demands of various professions
  • Finally and perhaps most importantly, to promote a healthy atmosphere of togetherness and oneness amongst the students themselves and members of the community.

We believe that all of the above can only serve to groom a generation of hard working and responsible individuals with a sense of direction and purpose in life.