Post Secondary School Unit

Students educational background are reinforced in this ten-months programme in the Pure and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, and Arts courses leading to the University of Cambridge (UK) Advanced level examinations for which the Kaduna Campus is a British Council (Nigeria) approved examination centre. Students with credit and distinction passes in the WAEC/GCE O-level examinations are admitted for the courses.

With over twenty years of renowned and exceptional teaching qualities and strong academic guidance for our students, the post secondary arm of the College has a lot to live up to. It is in this vein that in our bid to continually face present day challenges in the educational sector that we have proceeded to introduce a variety of additional courses available for prospective and ambitious candidates. These have been designed to bridge the gap between knowledge, opportunity and practical application of skills. These courses include all of the following:


  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Printing Technology
  • Ceramics Technology
  • Applied Electricity
  • Draughtsmanship Technology
  • Gas Welding Technology and others

Technical and vocational programmes, which lead to the award of College Diploma or Certificate or any of a number of International Vocational Qualification (IVQ) of City and Guilds, are also available for study at the Post Secondary Unit.