Basic School Unit

Nursery & Primary Section

The Nursery and Primary section of the College in Kaduna State is situated at Gwamna Road, Badikko New Extension, while that of Ede is situated at Elemo Village, Osun State. Pupils are exposed to variety of learning methodologies of the most modern kind with particular attention to instruction of elementary aspects of Information Technology.

The pupils are also afforded an all round educational experience with just as much emphasis on cultural and religious appreciation.


The Basic School curriculum is divided into the following areas:

  1. Language Development: All aspects of reading, writing and spoken English, Mathematics, numbers, measures and shapes.
  2. Physical Education: Games, sports, gymnastic, dance etc.
  3. Creative Activities: Visual arts, craft, music, drama etc.
  4. General/Thematic Studies: Geography and environmental studies

The pupils are assessed on a continuous basis, following the guidelines laid down by the Kaduna and Osun State Ministries of Education.