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"...I like Gray's because the educational standard here is high and teachers are kind. I also like the fact that the school has a disciplinary committee, so students are encouraged to behave properly at all times; I also like the existence of social activities on campus e.g. film shows, drama night etc. Lastly I also enjoy Saturday morning sports and jogging..." - Freda Ado, JS 3A

" a transfer student, I am gradually enjoying this school. One of the main reasons for this is that teachers try their best to see that students understand what is being taught in the classroom. I also like the environment a lot; the amenities and overall structure of the school..." - Najibullah Ibrahim

"...I like Gray's primarily because of their sporting facilities" - Farouk Umar, SS 2

"The food is delicious lately. I also like the College Social Officers..." - Christopher P. Wami, SS 1B

"...Our College's radio station makes life so interesting on campus. It's just like FM radio. It plays music, provides local news etc. In short I like the school because it is very cool!!!" - Samuel Ogunshina

"...Gray's is the place to be: they encourage healthy competition among the students and also give scholarships. But most of all, I enjoy Gray's College because it is conducive for learning and the class size are not too large..."

" favourite spot in Gray's is the dinner room, it is all about the food and education here! The food is well cooked and looks very attractive. Aside from that, I also like the gym, and College library..." - Cecil

"...I like Sunday dinner most of all. The fried rice, vegetable salad, zobo and cake are delicious. Thank you." - Zahariyag Yusuf, JS 2B

"...I like Gray's becuase, here bullying is not allowed! I also like the environment. It is beautiful..." - Abdullahi Suleiman, JS 2B

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