Amenities & Facilities

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The College has excellent learning facilities all of which are purpose built to provide the very best condition for effective education delivery. Most notable are:

      • Spacious and well ventilated classrooms
      • Laboratories for integrated science and electronics
      • Introductory technology laboratory
      • Fine Arts Studio
      • Home Economics Laboratory
      • Well stocked library with spacious reading areas and a media centre with audio and visual learning resources
      • A multi-purpose hall which is often time used for very large group discussions and in-house presentations
      • Satellite and cable systems with access to CNN, Sky News, world sporting activities and discovery channel
      • Well stocked information technology centre with its own extensive I. T. resources material section (for more information see the section titled “I. T. Training at Gray’s College”).
      • A relaxation centre situated amidst vast stretches of green land and huge rocks where all members of the Gray’s community can socialize and unwind
      • Hostel accommodation, each with a separate apartment for housemasters/mistresses for supervise and care for the students
      • An in house radio broadcasting station (11.28FM)
      • Medial centres
      • Places of worship (chapel and mosque)
      • Executive board room for our College Fellows, Management and College Visitor
      • Constant water supply guaranteed by the availability of two bore holes
      • Music Theater and Concert Hall (Ede Campus)
      • Typing pools
      • French resource centre (Ede Campus)
      • School Farm
      • Poultry Unit
      • Resident staff quarters

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